Bye Bye Cape Town

We are proud to announce that Kyburg Boutique Wines have been selected for the SEVEN Restaurant in Ascona and the newly opened Restaurant and Lounge SEVEN in Lugano. Join us now as we head out of the Cape Town harbour with our delivery of Kyburg Boutique Wines to these Restaurants in Switzerland.

We have boarded the container ship heading to Europe. As we move out of the harbour dock we are in owe of the best known landmark of South Africa, the Table Mountain. The Swiss Foundation that has masterminded the list of the “New Wonders” of the world ranked Table Mountain on fifth position.

The Table Mountain is a flat-topped majestic mountain that dominates the city of Cape Town and is the iconic symbol of the region. This mountain is such an unique landmark and is admired by locals and draws tourists to this city from all over the world. It is the insignia of the local government and is also displayed in the flag of Cape Town.

The Table Mountain Cableway is the best and most convenient way to reach the peak of the 1’086m high mountain. From there, the views over the city to the sea and the surrounding peaks are mind blowing. The mountain is edged by impressive and amazing cliffs and is home to an unique biodiversity. The vegetation that blankets the mountain is exceptional beautiful and diverse.

The Cape Fynbos, the Peninsula Granite Fynbos that is critically endangered, Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos and Peninsula Shale Renosterveld are thriving here. Table Mountain and the unique Cape Floral Region have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Over 2200 different plants and 1470 floral species have been recorded in this particular region. 70% of them, including the great varieties of proteas, are endemic and only exist in this region and nowhere else in the world. There is also no shortage of fauna and one of the most common mammal species that can be easily spotted are the Rock Hyrax. Varieties of tortoises, frogs, lizards, snakes, mongoose and porcupines find shelter amongst the greenery of this great region.

Should you be one of the more adventurous, you may want to climb the steep Table Mountain path up to the summit. There are also mountain bike trails, caving and rock climbing options.

The trip from the Cape Town harbour takes us around the African Continent to Europe. Today we make a delivery of our newly launched Kyburg 33 Latitude 2010 MAGNUM to Restaurant SEVEN in Ascona and Lugano.

The Restaurants SEVEN are oases for the senses, places of pleasure, for meeting people and having fun. Exclusive cuisine, wine culture, architecture, ambiance, sound design and the incomparable locations create a modern overall experience par excellence.

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Ivo Adam is Restaurant SEVENS’s original talented chef and patissier. His youth and freshness made him a figurehead of the Swiss gastronomy scene and he is one of the most creative chefs. Ivo is a winner of numerous awards. His culinary style is a cultural crossover and experimental, regional and exotic, creative and market fresh. The ingredients of his success are his pursuit of quality, his innovative talents and passion.

Today Ivo Adams focuses on the overall management of the SEVEN Gastro Group and the development of new culinary and gastronomic concepts. He appointed Chef Adrian Burki as the head chef for the Restaurant SEVEN Group.
When you get the opportunity, spoil yourself at one of these restaurants and enjoy Kyburg Boutique Wines in the beautiful Ticino. If it is out of your way just order online.

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Rosmaire, Fred and Tanja