South Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with so much diversity. Many say it is One World in One Country and we pride ourselves to have some of the most interesting and friendly people living here. Yesterday we did the delivery of Kyburg Wine to Café Photo Albert, Prince Albert in the Great Karoo and after a beautiful quiet starlit night in Prince Albert we head out in search of the caves, meerkats and ostrich leather goods in Oudtshoorn.

We take a drive via the magnificent Swartberg Pass which is a mere 2km from Prince Albert. The impressive 27 kilometer long unpaved winding mountain route pass offers spectacular views of the surroundings and connects Prince Albert in the Central Karoo to the Little Karoo, of which Oudtshoorn is the largest town. The Swartberg Pass is a South African National Monument and a UNESCO world heritage site. The highest peak of the Swartberg is standing at 2.512m above sea level. It is amongst the best exposed fold mountain chains in the world. The road slicing through magnificently scenic geological formations. The pass is especially famous due to the spectacular geology that is exposed at its northern end. The contortions in the rock display astonishing anticlines and synclines and the vivid coloration of the surrounding Quartzite is remarkable. At the northern end of the pass seven-hundred metre high quartzite cliffs can be seen, and these are often tilted 90 degrees and sometimes even more. Arguably the most famous of all these cliff faces is the spectacular ‘Wall of Fire’.

Once over the Swartberg Pass at the foothills of the Swartberg mountain range are the Cango Caves. The country’s finest and best known caves containing halls and limestone formations. Although the extensive system of tunnels and chambers go on for over four kilometres, only about a quarter of this is open to visitors, who may proceed into the cave only in groups supervised by a guide. Tours are conducted at regular intervals on most days—there is a “Standard Tour” which takes an hour and an “Adventure Tour” which takes an hour and a half. The “Adventure Tour” consists of crawling through narrow passages and climbing up steep rock formations guided by small lights. Booking is essential.

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Oudtshoorn is known for its ostrich farms and its guided tours. Should you want to purchase some beautiful ostrich leather products, make your way to Lugro Ostrich Leather, one of the best-value ostrich leather purveyors in town, it offers a wonderful shopping experience and beautiful, colourful ostrich goods.

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Oudtshoorn has so much more to offer than ostriches. Should you have the pleasure to stay for a night or two, one of the most charming things you can do there is to go on a tour to a colony of wild, habituated meerkats. Passionate conservationist Devey Glinister offers the sunrise experience on the De Zeekoe Farm, 9 km west of Outdhoorn. His passion for the endearing animals comes shining through in his unique meerkat experience. You will get to see how these curious, highly intelligent creatures live and communicate. The meerkat tours take between 2-3 hours and booking is essential.

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We head back to Prince Albert via Meiringspoort. The Great Waterfall on the Meiringspoort Pass is a beautiful place to have a picnic stop and a refreshing swim in one of the rockpools. The Karoo, a special place with so many hidden jems. We are sad to see the day end and tomorrow we head back to Kyburg Boutique Wines in Stellenbosch.

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