Our Story

Kyburg Boutique Wines is situated in the picturesque Devon Valley, 8km from Stellenbosch town. The valley is known as one of South Africa’s prime areas for producing exceptional red wines due to its hot dry summer days and the cool ocean breeze that reaches the valley at night.

At Kyburg we produce a limited quantity of wine and therefore can dedicate our attention to every detail. Each phase from pruning to harvesting is actively monitored throughout the year to ensure high quality grapes. During harvesting great care is taken in hand-picking the best grapes for Kyburg’s premium wines, with a total production of 25’000 bottles per year.

Kyburg follows the Classic French tradition of wine making, low production per hectare, controlled open fermentation and the use of French oak barrels. All of these giving the wines great structure, complexity and finesse, with a good aging potential.

The wine is stored in ideal conditions before it is released to the customers, thus providing the highest quality premium red wines with a taste to satisfy every palate.

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