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Kyburg is a family owned Boutique Wine Estate situated in the picturesque Devon Valley, near Stellenbosch. Owners Fred and Rosmarie Ruest bought the farm in 1998, replanted the vineyard with red cultivars, and have been producing award winning red wines since 2006. Many experts believe the Devon Valley to be one of South Africa’s prime areas for producing exceptional red wines. The gentle rolling hills of the valley allows for good penetration of the cool early-morning sunlight which is vital in ensuring the highest quality grapes. The wine estate is located in ideal proximity to the coast, providing the necessary coolness and airflow during the warm summer months.

Our Philosophy

At Kyburg we are dedicated to attention to detail, from pruning to bottling, which we believe will find its expression in the quality and fruitiness of our full bodied wines. We take the great care in producing our wines, in order to provide our customers with only the highest quality premium wines, with flavours to please the palate of every connoisseur.

Meet Our Team

Owners Fred and Rosmarie Ruest named the wine farm after the medieval castle ‘Kyburg’ near Winterthur – Switzerland where they both grew up. Fred is responsible for overlooking the day-to-day farming activities while Rosmarie helps out wherever she is needed most. Daughter Tanja recently joined the team on the marketing side while son Ken is partly involved in the sales activities up in Johannesburg.  Debbie, Ken’s wife, helps every year with barrel tasting and blending of the wine.

Our viticulturist Frans Snyman prides himself in the diligent cultivation and management of the Kyburg vineyards, with each activity being carefully monitored throughout the year, to ensure only the finest grapes. Our Winemaker, Jacques Fourie is responsible for the production of all of our wines, from receiving the grapes in the cellar to the bottling of the wine. Each year he determines our harvesting time while marking the areas of the vineyards which have the best quality grapes for Kyburg’s premium wines.


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